Running executable in QT Creator vs command line

  • I created application that uses 3rd party dynamic libraries in QTCreator.

    I can run this application from command line, but when I run it from QT IDE I am getting an error that I don’t have permission to load third party library.

    Call to one of the library function creates process that needs to load additional library that is failed.

    I have the same error when run “Run” or “Start Debugging” commands in IDE.

    I am using Open SuSE Linux 11.4 and Qt Creator 2.1.0 (Qt 4.7.1).

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    Are you doing anything special on the command line to be able to run your application (special user, etc.)?

    Check the run settings (Projects->Run Settings), especially the environment there. Make sure you have the same settings as used on the command line.

  • Thanks for the hint.
    The command line invocation uses env variables (LD_LIBRARY_PATH in my case) and app found a library in /usr/bin64. QT Creator has different settings and used different version of the library for linking.

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