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No Target Setup for desktop?

  • Hi, I have QtSDK 4.8.0 installed on Win7. When I create a new project in QtCreator, after I select my Project Type (Qt Gui app or Qt Console app), I get the 'Target Setup' screen with options for 'Qt Simulator' and 'Harmattan' but nothing for desktop. It won't let me proceed without choosing one of those 2 options - so when I debug my program I get a cellphone simulator instead of a MainWindow.

    I want a desktop app, not a mobile app. Am I missing something obvious (or subtle, for that matter) about what's going on here? How do I generate a good old-fashioned desktop project? Is something just hosed with my installation?

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    Creator offers all targets that are supported by the Qt versions installed and known to Qt Creator. So my guess is that you have not registered a desktop Qt with creator. Please go to Tools->Options->Build & Run->Qt versions and check.

  • Under Tools->Options->Build&Run->Qt versions, I have the following under auto-detect:


    With an error stating there's no tool chain to produce code for this version, which makes sense because I don't have mingw. I have Visual Studio 2005. The VS toolchain is in my list of auto-detected toolchains, but there doesn't seem to be a qmake target associated with it. How do I make one?

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    You need a Qt version and a compiler that is able to produce code that can link against that Qt version.

    So either install a Qt version build with MVSC 2005 or a mingw tool chain.

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