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Error with QML demo minehunt on OS X

  • Hello everyone !

    I have some trouble to run the minehunt demo project.
    I have installed the Qt 4.7 package and installed Qt Creator 2.1.0-beta1

    The error message I have is:
    File error for URL file:///Developer/Examples/Qt/Demos/declarative/minehunt-build-desktop/

    I hope someone could help me on this because I would like to make an application in C++ with a really nice GUI like with Quick


  • on winxp, demo says I have to compile this program to run

    I loaded this in creator and compiled without issues, but when I launched, just a blank window comes up ...

  • "just a blank window comes up …"

    Same thing but I have the error describe before...

  • Make sure that you have the all the .qml and image files etc under the same directory as where the compiled binary is located. E.g. windows makes those xxx-build-desktop directories during compile and puts the binary there in debug or release subdirectory. This is a bit annoying since then you have to copy all the "not-compiled" stuff there also. You could also put all the .qml and image files into a resource file and have moc bake them into your binary, but then all the file loading references must be adjusted accordingly.

  • Hy Johannes thank you for your replay.

    I have open the .pro file of minehunt, then I have copy all .qml file in the directory "minehunt-build-desktop" then I have build the project and I get the same error :s

    That's quite sad that Qml projects do not work automagicly with the Qt project

    Anyway, I think Qml doesn't really feat my technical needs :(

    Thank you anyway for you answer ;)

  • hi 2IZI4U,
    in the project mode, I went and changed from "minehunt-build-desktop" to "minehunt" ... i.e. the same folder and it worked just fine.

    thanks Johannes! :)

  • Well played Chetan, but for me still the same problem with the new path:

    <Unknown File>: File error for URL file:///Developer/Examples/Qt/Demos/declarative/minehunt/

    There is really a problem with the Qml file :(

    If I'm the only one on OSX to have this problem don't waste your time to solve it, I will continue to look but really QML is not for me :(

  • I wouldn't give up so easily on Qml ... something really good I've seen in a long time. And you will be seeing lot of this on both desktop and mobile platforms going fwd ... :)

  • Yes that's right, I have forget that QML is after all just a QWidget (if I'm right) so I can put it in my Qt desktop project.

    For that I will need an exemple ... like minehunt ;)
    At least I can read the source code :D

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