Any roadmap for Digia VS integration?

  • Hi guys. I think the title says it all. Is there any roadmap about digia's work integrating Qt in Visual Studio? As far as I know, Nokia team dropped vs support and now it's up to Digia to handle it, correct me if i'm wrong.


  • What do you mean with vs integration? vsaddin?

  • Yes, sorry I should've been more concrete. VS Addin. Is there any roadmap when and what will be avaliable?


  • I might be wrong, since I am not a Troll nor from Digia.
    However, I looks to me like the vsaddin is completely open source. It is supplied by Digia, but as far as I remember it is not part of the license. Therefore, I would assume that this is not on their roadmap at all IMHO.

    Probably you should address this question directly to Digia.

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