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Events and QMacNativeWidget

  • I'm trying to embed some Qt widgets into Eclipse (currently I'm mostly working on Cocoa version). I am working on QWebView.

    Each widget is contained within QMacNativeWidget that is inside of Cocoa control, created by SWT. If I have only one QWebView it works just fine. If I open a second QWidget (i.e. QWebView or QWebInspector) then both controls stop repainting - that queue all the events as expected but than their events are not processed. Events will be processed if I open a pop-up menu in a control.

    Is there some way to ensure that those events are processed as expected? This behavior does not break the SWT parts - their Cocoa views work as expected. I do not see this problem if I have only one QWidget in my application (i.e. paint events are processed even if the view is not focused).

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