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Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::foo

  • Hello all,

    I am writing an application, and I have ran into a strange problem. (At least it is trange for me.) I have done the similar trick in many times in this application and always went fine. The problem is possibly with me, but I could not solved it for a while, so I would like to ask you to review it. Rebuilding was also tried out.

    So I have a class:
    @#ifndef EGGFINDER_H
    #define EGGFINDER_H

    #include <QObject>
    #include "mapitems.h"
    #include "settings.h"

    class EggFinder : public QObject
    EggFinder(QObject *parent = 0);

    QList<PyramidItem*> m_pyramids;
    void addPyramid(PyramidItem p) {m_pyramids.append(p);}
    void checkPyramid(PyramidItem
    QImage *m_currentImage;


    public slots:
    void foo(double a, double b);
    void newImageReceieved(QImage*);

    #endif // EGGFINDER_H

    An the implementation:
    @#include "eggfinder.h"
    #include <QImage>
    #include <QPainter>
    #include <QDebug>

    EggFinder::EggFinder(QObject *parent) :

    void EggFinder::checkPyramid(PyramidItem *pyramid)
    QImage pyramidImage(pyramid->boundingRect().size().toSize(), QImage::Format_ARGB32);
    pyramidImage = m_currentImage->copy(pyramid->boundingRect().toRect());"out.png");

    void EggFinder::foo(double a, double b)
    qWarning() << a << b;

    void EggFinder::newImageReceieved(QImage* img)
    m_currentImage = img;
    foreach (PyramidItem *pyramid, m_pyramids) {

    I creating an instance in my MainWindow from it:

    @m_eggFinder = new EggFinder(this);@

    And here is where I am trying to connect to the object's slots:

    void MainWindow::imageGrabberChanged(QImageGrabber ng)
    currentGrabber = ng;
    disconnect(ui->graphicsViewMap, SLOT(newImageReceieved(QImage
    disconnect(m_imgProc, SLOT(newImageReceieved(QImage*)));
    disconnect(m_eggFinder, SLOT(newImageReceieved(QImage*))); // this is row 356
    connect(ng, SIGNAL(newImageGrabbed(QImage*)), ui->graphicsViewMap, SLOT(newImageReceieved(QImage*)));
    connect(ng, SIGNAL(newImageGrabbed(QImage*)), m_imgProc, SLOT(newImageReceieved(QImage*)));
    connect(ng, SIGNAL(newFPSCalculated(double,double)), this, SLOT(newFPSCalculated(double, double)));
    connect(ng, SIGNAL(newImageGrabbed(QImage*)), m_eggFinder, SLOT(newImageReceieved(QImage*))); // this is line 360
    connect(ng, SIGNAL(newFPSCalculated(double,double)), m_eggFinder, SLOT(foo(double,double))); // and this is 361

    An in the command line output it says the following, and of course he connections did not made:
    @Object::disconnect: No such slot QApplication::newImageReceieved(QImage*) in src/mainwindow.cpp:356
    Object::disconnect: (sender name: 'MainWindow')
    Object::disconnect: (receiver name: 'egger_controller')
    Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::newImageReceieved(QImage*) in src/mainwindow.cpp:360
    Object::connect: (receiver name: 'egger_controller')
    Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::foo(double, double) in src/mainwindow.cpp:361
    Object::connect: (receiver name: 'egger_controller')@

    The m_imgProc is similarly declared, implemented as my EggFinder class, and it is working.

  • show me the line 356,360 and 361 of code .

  • Check the code snipplet below the line:

    bq. And here is where I am trying to connect to the object’s slots:

    I have marked the problematic lines.

  • What is egger_controller? Are you sure m_eggFinder is the type you think it is?

  • The egger_controller is the name of my application.
    Yes the m_eggfinder is declared in this way:

    @ EggFinder *m_eggFinder;@

  • Wahhh. Finally I have figured out what caused the problem.
    The imageGrabberChanged method gets called before the m_eggFinder instance created.
    I have no idea why did not caused SIGSEV ever.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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