Demo programs fancybrowser & quick web browser don’t handle https

  • Hello,

    First Post - be kind.Also a long time away from c++ and new to Qt.

    The demos are impressive examples that show how easy it is to incorporate webkit into an app.

    Unfortunately ends up with a blank page. Ditto any other https url. As it's unlikely that there's an issue with Google's certificates, I assume that these demos will not work with SSL.

    Please, what's needed to turn these examples into something that will handle SSL?

    Still familiarizing myself with Qt and the website. Tried a couple of searches, but so far I have not found anything that provides an answer. I'm still not much beyond running the demo programs and a few of the early tutorials, so a link to a tutorial or simple instructions for a simpleton would be what I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • This is using Qt Creator 2.4.1 (Qt 4.7.4)

  • welcome to devnet

    Apparently you need also openssl installed "(see here)":

    There are also a couple of threads with "ssl as a tag. ":

  • koahnig, thanks for the links.

    I'm a little more confused now. I've just run the fancybrowser demo on OSX (Lion) and ssl works as expected. However, Windows (7-64bit) still has the aforementioned problem.

    I have done a separate install of openssl per the first link above. The fancybrowser demo still does not handle https.

    QSslSocket::supportsSsl() returns True.

    I'm using gmail as my test url which with Firefox and IE work as expected.

    One thing that may not be relevant is that I initially installed Qt 64 bit. I ran an update a short while ago and I see that the Qt Createor About screen now says based on Qt 4.7.4 (32bit) so I'm not sure whether I am still running a 64 bit version or now have a 32 bit version of Qt.

  • AFAIK is the Qt creator in 32 bit. It uses Qt libs as well and they have to be 32 bit. It should be possible to use the creator with a 64 bit tool chain.

  • I've just installed QT creator on a 32bit Windows 7 system, and see exactly the same issue - the fancybrowser demo program will not display https urls while it works OK with http.

    As the Mac OS X install does as expected, displaying both http and https urls, I suspect that this is an install problem and as such this post is probably in the wrong forum.

    If that is the case, maybe one of the moderators could kindly move this post there?

  • -moved to tools in case that this is a qt creator install problem.-
    [edit] moved to installation and deployment

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