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Qt, Linux/Unix PAM and cross-platform authentication systems

  • I'm developing a Qt 4.8, C++ Linux/Ubuntu-specific application (No cross-platform. No tablets/smartphones, etc. Just Linux Ubuntu with KDE). I wonder if and how I can use the standard Linux PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) system to authenticate my users.

    Of course, I can use the existing (C, not C++) LibPAM API for this task:
    "Linux PAM(3) manual page":
    "Development with PAM": at PackPub site
    (a Linux application can invoke the underlying, system-wide PAM authentication system to perform this task)

    Nevertheless, I wonder if Qt supports Linux/Unix PAM system in its own way. Does it exist any QtPAM module?

    Moreover, I wonder if Qt implements a cross-platform, portable way to authenticate the user on the local machine (No SSO, no OpenID, no remote authentication, no LDAP and/or RADIUS . Just local, "disconnected" user authentication). As long as I know, both Windows (since WinNT) and Mac OS X have an authentication system quite similar to Linux PAM so it would be theoretically possible to abstract this functionality at the Qt level and make it cross-platform.

    Does anybody have an answer to these questions?


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