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Finding the center of QGraphicsPixmapItem

  • Hello,

    I need to apply transformations in one QGraphicsPixmapItem, but i can't find a way to
    do this correctly.

    I don't know how to determine the center of the QGraphicsPixmapItem to apply setTransformOriginPoint and then setTransform.

    MyClass::MyClass(QWidget *parent) : QGraphicsView(parent)
    scene = new QGraphicsScene( this );

    QPixmap px( "001.jpg" );
    pItem =  scene->addPixmap( px );
    pItem->setScale( 0.1 );
    pItem->setTransformationMode( Qt::SmoothTransformation );


    void MyClass::Rotate( qreal angle )
    qreal old_angle = m_currentAngle; // m_currentAngle is a member var, with the actual angle
    m_currentAngle = angle;
    transform.rotate( m_currentAngle - old_angle, Qt::XAxis );
    pixmapItem->setTransform( transform );

    The rotation occurs, but we can see the wrong "anchor point"...

  • Have you tried using QGraphicsItem::rotate() and/or QGraphicsItem::setTransformOriginPoint()?
    To rotate around the center of the bounding rect, I would assume you should do something like

  • Thank you ludde,

    I tried you suggestion, but the rotation has the originPoint centered at the topLeft corner.
    ( boundingRect().center() have no effect ) maybe we found a bug?

    What resolved the case:

    transform.translate( x, y );
    transform.rotate( angle - old_angle );
    transform.translate( -x, -y );
    scene->items().at(0)->setTransform( transform );

    Thank you again.

  • OK, I think this is because you are creating a transformation instead of using the QGraphicsItem::rotate() function. If you create and set a transformation you probably have to do the translation (moving to the center and back) yourself. So probably not a bug, but could be better documented.
    Anyway, good that you found a way that works, even if it was not exactly what I suggested. :)

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