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Qt WebKit interpretation of target="new"

  • I'm trying to help my team solve a way to get Qt WebKit view to interpret the html code:
    @<a href="foo.html" target="new">go to foo</a>@

    to pop a new webkit view as a new OS level window. Any hints as to where to look to enable this functionality are much appreciated.


  • Did you sublcass [[Doc:QWebView]] and did you reimplement "QWebView::createWindow() ":/doc/qt-4.8/qwebview.html#createWindow?

  • semafore thanks for the question
    volker thanks for the anwser
    this thing was also required for me
    after reimplenting the protected function
    there will be a paramter QWebPage::WebWindowType type
    it is an enum
    QWebPage::WebBrowserWindow 0 The window is a regular web browser window.
    QWebPage::WebModalDialog 1 The window acts as modal dialog.
    you will hvae to check which is the one and perform the task for that one

  • one question hot to get the url which is to be opened in QWebView::createWindow() how to get the url

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