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Starting with qt

  • hello.
    I wish install qt 4.7 or 4.8.
    I see that there are many tools and different approach.
    which method do you recommend?
    How i add "modules" in qt configuration?
    there is a method for full install qt with all the modules?
    in particular i wish know:
    1)how long does the installation and configuration
    2)i wish create a gui in a opengl 3d engine and i wish use opengl 3.0 programmed in c++ with all the shader geometry,vertex ecc.
    I wish not use the opengl classes of qt ,
    problems may arise for do not use QT opengl classes ?
    3)i wish use qt with vs 2010 in a non native qt visual studio project , then i must manage the compilations of mocs ecc....there are some qt "custom rules" for vs 2010?
    4)i wish use also databases , in particular sqlite,what i must insert it in configuration?

  • Download the Qt, you can choose "Offline Installer" or "Online Installer"

    1 - The installation depends on your machine, i have comiled all modules and installed in 24 munutes

    2 - OK, is possible

    3 - OK, download the visual studio addin

    4 - sqlite is included in the binaries of Qt

    If you are starting with Qt, take a look in the help ( after installed ), do some tutorials
    and take time to read the "basics".

    Qt rules !!!

  • 1)Is sufficent download and install the qt sdk , or i must compile qt?
    if i must compile qt , how ? and how compile all modules?
    I also see that there are some utility for compile qt like

    3)the visual studio addin have some custom rules for vs 2010?
    i installed it but i don't find the custom rules , because i wish manage the interface creation and compilation of moc ecc.... from existing projects that don't are qt projects.


  • You do not have to compile Qt yourself. As long as you are using standard compilers and standard platforms, it is not necessary. You can dowload "here":

    For VS2010 the binaries are readily available. If you have a lincensed version of MSVC the vaddin is of great help. However, if you have only the express version, the visual studio does not allow addins.

  • and for the custom rules from vs2010?

  • [quote author="giuseppe500" date="1331924128"]and for the custom rules from vs2010?

    You have to eloborate a bit more on this question.

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