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Webkit , in Qt 4.7 on N900

  • Hello ,

    I have updated my N900 to Maemo PR1.3. I have a QT hybrid app, which runs html, css, and JS . When I open the webinspector from QT app, an empty window appears. no info about Javascripts, css etc are shown.

    any ideas, why it is like this ?


  • Maybe the inspector is not compiled on Maemo 5? The inspector takes quite some space of the binary, it is possible the packager decided to not include it.

    Are you using the default actions or the QWebInspector?

  • We are not distributing the contents needed for the inspector (js, css etc), as we thought inspector to be useless on the device :-). Remote web inspector is the way to go, though I have personally never tries that.

  • Where can I find more information on how to use the remote inspector?
    Just in case: Is it possible to install the missing files on the n900 to use the inspector on the device? what are they?

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