Java applet window is not a child of QGraphicsWebView ?

  • I have a Qt application that is based on Qt Graphics View Framework. (Qt 4.8.0 and QtWebKit 2.2)
    And the application has a web browser item (which is added to the scene) using QGraphicsWebView class.

    If I browse to a web page that has Java applet in it I can see the Java applet running and displayed on the application.
    The problem is the Java applet window stays still even though I move the web browser on the scene.

    I noticed that the java applet window (which seems WebCore::PluginContainerQt type) is a child of the viewport widget.
    I guess that's why it doesn't move as the browser moves.
    I think there still is some relation between the browser and the applet window because
    if I close the browser (remove from the scene and delete the object) then the applet closes too.

    Anyone have suggestions?

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