QDialog::exec() crash...

  • I'm writing an application that creates a QDialog subclass that includes an OpenGL display, and it crashes at the exec() command. Here is the stack trace:

    0 -[NSMenu _sidebandUpdaterRoles] 0 0x7fff8d0d3551
    1 -[NSMenu _addSidebandMenuUpdaterForRoles:token:priority:handler:] 0 0x7fff8d0d342f
    2 -[NSApplication setMainMenu:] 0 0x7fff8d0d2d3e
    3 QMenuBarPrivate::macUpdateMenuBarImmediatly 0 0x100fd612c
    4 -[NSObject performSelector:] 0 0x7fff95ba7021
    5 -[NSApplication(QApplicationIntegration) qt_sendPostedMessage:] 0 0x100fa2994
    6 -[NSApplication(QApplicationIntegration) qt_filterEvent:] 0 0x100fa2789
    7 -[QNSApplication sendEvent:] 0 0x100fa282b
    8 -[NSApplication _realDoModalLoop:peek:] 0 0x7fff8d3733ff
    9 -[NSApplication runModalSession:] 0 0x7fff8d36cbb4
    10 QEventDispatcherMac::processEvents 0 0x100fab9bf
    11 QEventLoop::exec 0 0x100c42b18
    12 QDialog::exec 0 0x101443093
    13 SKAdaptiveThresholdWidget::processImage skadaptivethresholdwidget.cpp 320 0x10009124b
    14 SKAdaptiveThresholdWidget::on_okButton_clicked skadaptivethresholdwidget.cpp 88 0x10009141f
    15 SKAdaptiveThresholdWidget::qt_static_metacall moc_skadaptivethresholdwidget.cpp 70 0x100109c56
    16 SKAdaptiveThresholdWidget::qt_metacall moc_skadaptivethresholdwidget.cpp 119 0x100109dc3
    17 QMetaObject::activate 0 0x100c5aad5
    18 QAbstractButton::clicked 0 0x1015e4325
    19 QAbstractButtonPrivate::emitClicked 0 0x10135243e
    20 QAbstractButtonPrivate::click 0 0x10135315a
    ... <More>

    The SK... class is my QDialog subclass.

  • I should add that this code was tested on Windows 7 without any problems related to this particular crash. So for now, let me say it seems to be restricted to Mac OS X (10.7.3)

  • Hi,

    I have a similar problem occurring randomly when I close dialog (Qt 4.7.4 or Qt 4.8.0 under MacOS X Lion) :

    @0 QAction::isVisible 0 0x1014b1474
    1 QMenuBarPrivate::macUpdateMenuBarImmediatly 0 0x10149c6f4
    2 -[NSObject performSelector:] 0 0x7fff8aebe021
    3 -[NSApplication(QApplicationIntegration) qt_sendPostedMessage:] 0 0x101468ad5
    4 -[NSApplication(QApplicationIntegration) qt_filterEvent:] 0 0x101468890
    5 -[QNSApplication sendEvent:] 0 0x10146894d
    6 -[NSApplication run] 0 0x7fff898c21f2
    7 QEventDispatcherMac::processEvents 0 0x101473750
    8 QEventLoop::processEvents 0 0x1023d5664
    9 QEventLoop::exec 0 0x1023d5a14
    10 QCoreApplication::exec 0 0x1023d890c
    11 main main.cpp 206 0x1009d38f8

    and there is the same (one year old !) here : "http://www.mail-archive.com/lyx-devel@lists.lyx.org/msg167652.html":http://www.mail-archive.com/lyx-devel@lists.lyx.org/msg167652.html

    I don't have this problem during the execution under several Linux nor Windows, but macUpdateMenuBarImmediatly is certainly associated to the mac and the management of the global menus ;-)

    is someone find a way to fix/bypass this crash ?

  • I switched back to compiling with the 4.7.4 libraries and have not had a crash yet. Seems like this should be elevated to bug status. Any idea how to do that?

  • [quote author="drhalftone" date="1332108250"]I switched back to compiling with the 4.7.4 libraries and have not had a crash yet. Seems like this should be elevated to bug status. Any idea how to do that?[/quote]

    Just go to the public bugtracker at https://bugreports.qt-project.org - you can create an account over there easily. Don't forget to report back the issue ID here, please, so that others can track its status too. Thanks.

  • As I said unfortunately I have exactly the same problem with Qt4.7.4 and 4.8.0 (MacOS 10.7.3 as you), I will try to reproduce the problem with a small program and post it in the bug tracker.

    Let's note I also had random crashes associated to the presence of a toolbar in the GUI, even without using it, the day I removed it I stopped to have problem (both again QT4.7.4 and Qt4.8.0, but under Windows, I have my mac since only Saturday).

    I didn't have all these problems with Qt2.3 / 3.X I used since 8 years ...


  • Just posted the bug, its issue Qt QTBUG-24866, please follow up with your own experiences...

  • I don't know for you but in my case the crash is visibly linked to the use of 'computed' menus ( through aboutToShow) even the crash occurs later (not when the menu is shown / hidden). I also created an "issue":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-24917 giving a very small application I made to allow them to reproduce the crash.

  • to bypass the problem just call QCoreApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_DontUseNativeMenuBar) at the beginning of your program allowing to not use native menubar (e.g, the menubar at the top of the main screen on Mac OS X)

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