PySide compile from source on Windows 7 64-bit

  • Hello,
    I downloaded and ran mingw32-make and install on the following on a Windows 7 64-bit PC, Qt 4.8.0
    apiextractor-0.10.10.tar.bz2 []
    generatorrunner-0.6.16.tar.bz2 []
    shiboken-1.1.0.tar.bz2 []
    However the last PySide source pyside-qt4.7+1.1.0.tar.bz2 []
    is not compiling, when i run mingw32-make with the errors below
    <after many warnings much like the SBK_DEPRECATED>

    C:/Program Files (x86)/shiboken/include/shiboken/shibokenmacros.h:43:1: warning: "SBK_DEPRECATED" redefined
    C:/Program Files (x86)/shiboken/include/shiboken/shibokenmacros.h:35:1: warning: this is the location of the previous definition
    C:\git\pyside-src\build\PySide\QtCore\PySide\QtCore\qfile_wrapper.cpp: In function 'PyObject* Sbk_QFileFunc_open(PyObject*, PyObject*)':
    C:\git\pyside-src\build\PySide\QtCore\PySide\QtCore\qfile_wrapper.cpp:1728: error: no matching function for call to 'QFileWrapper::open(int&, QFlagsQIODevice::OpenModeFlag&, QFlagsQFile::FileHandleFlag&)'
    C:\git\pyside-src\build\PySide\QtCore\PySide\QtCore\qfile_wrapper.cpp:450: note: candidates are: virtual bool QFileWrapper::open(QFlagsQIODevice::OpenModeFlag)
    C:\git\pyside-src\build\PySide\QtCore\PySide\QtCore/qfile_wrapper.h:83: note: bool QFileWrapper::open(int, int)
    mingw32-make[2]: *** [PySide/QtCore/CMakeFiles/QtCore.dir/PySide/QtCore/qfile_wrapper.cpp.obj] Error 1
    mingw32-make[1]: *** [PySide/QtCore/CMakeFiles/QtCore.dir/all] Error 2
    mingw32-make: *** [all] Error 2

    I need these to bind some Qt libraries in Python using shiboken, and it require files which seem to be available only in the source compiled version like PySideConfig.cmake.

    Is there any way to resolve this error or is it a bug (and if so, has it already been fixed) ?

  • Hi there,

    Did you solve this?
    I had a related problem, just trying to do the tutorial
    on Win7 64bit. At module 5 "Building the generator", I found that PySideConfig.cmake and (and ShibokenConfig.cmake) were not there.

    It was unclear from that tutorial whether PySideConfig.cmake was meant to be handcrafted, or whether it should be created as part of some workflow.

    It would be very helpful even to find examples of these two .cmake files that could be adapted to match my file tree. However any examples I have found are are full of macros, which suggests that handcrafting is not the right approach.


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