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Qt SDK 1.2 Installation: Windows Security says it cannot verify the publisher

  • Hi,

    I am trying to install Qt SDK 1.2 that comes with Qt 4.8. During its installation, Windows7 pops up a security message saying that it cannot verify the publisher of driver software and asks me whether I want to install. I looked at the installation pane and the warning seems to appear when it tries to install USB Network Driver. (C:\QtSDK\Madde\usbdriver......... and C:\QtSDK\Madde........)
    I know it may sound funny not to trust the installer, but I would like to make sure that it is a safe driver.
    Also, if I decide not to install it, will this affect any Qt components (like Qt Creator, libraries, or any functions)???

    Thank you very much

  • Just because a driver has not been signed by M$ doesn't mean its bad, I have a 600$ audio interface that uses unsigned drivers. You also have to consider the source of this driver, if you downloaded it from some flimsy website, covered in viagra banners then by all means, do not trust it, but in the case of the Qt SDK I don't think you have anything to worry, so you can quit being paranoid.

  • Haha I see what you mean. Sorry for asking such nonsense question, and thank you for your opinion. :)

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