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Developing Table and columns which gets updated Dynamically for Desktop- Plz Assit

  • HI,
    I am trying to develop a desktop application which has certain number of tables and columns with data in them, that data is required to be updated in the new row and column.

    After some time if some new data comes another row gets added dynamically like this :

    Row 4 r4c1 r4c2 r4c3 r4c4

    and subsequently more rows...
    Row 5 r5c1 r5c2 r5c3 r5c4

    so the table will look after two new updatation of rows as follows : - as shown in the snapshot.
    "snapshot -->":

    I have picked the stardelegate example in QtSDK/Examples/4.7/itemviews and startign to modify it.Plz assit me is this the right direction.

  • You have to implement the model and call beginInsertRow / endInsertRow before / after adding the row data.
    The view should then update itself.

  • Thanks Gerolf , I am new to Qt but know C++, i will move forward with your "implement the model" word and rest of the tips.

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