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MSVC compiler in Qt Creator

  • Hi,

    I am trying to compile my project with MSVC compiler in Qt Creator. I installed Qt SDK 1.1.2 (which I believe comes with Qt 4.7.3) and also installed the MSVC 2008 libraries under Development Tools section when I installed the SDK. My question is how to use this MSVC compiler in the creator instead of Mingw????

    I did go to Projects>Build Settings and set "Edit build configuration" to MSVC 2008(Qt SDK) Debug, and Qt version to "Qt 4.7.3 for Desktop - MSVC2008 (Qt SDK)". However, when I compiled it, the creator said "Qt Creator needs a tool chain set up to build. Please configure a tool chain in Project mode" So, I went to Tool>Options>Tool Chain, but did not see any MSVC option under the "Add" button (only Mingw, GCCE, WINSCW, and RVCT there). Do I need to install Visual Studio Express to get this tool-chain?

    Thank you very much

  • works now. After I installed MS Visual Studio Express 2008, Qt Creator is able to detect the toolchain.

  • The Qt SDK does only provide libraries compiled with MSVC2010, but does not include MSVC2010 itself. You will have to install either

    • VisualStudio 2010,
    • Visual C++ 2010 Express (available for free) or
    • Windows SDK 7.1 (available for free)

    All of the above allow for installing MSVC2010 for both, personal and commercial use (at least as I am informed).

  • Thanks Lukas :)

  • And don't forget the MS debug tools ;-)

  • That's right, Scylla! Thanks a lot :)

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