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How to select next row in QTableView programmatically

  • Hello
    i have QTableView subclass that im marking and saving its state with this :
    SIGNAL(clicked(const QModelIndex &)),
    SLOT(clickedRowHandler(const QModelIndex &))

    void PlayListPlayerView::clickedRowHandler(const QModelIndex & index)
    int iSelectedRow = index.row();
    QString link = index.model()->index(index.row(),0, index.parent()).data(Qt::UserRole).toString();
    emit UpdateApp(1,link );

    now i like programmatically to move the selection to the next row (not by pressing the row with the mouse)
    and invoking clickedRowHandler(...) how shell i do that ?

  • Did you try the setCurrentIndex() method?

    If that doesn't give you enough control, you should use the selectionModel() method to manipulate the associated [[doc:QItemSelectionModel]].

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