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Qt Creator: svg editor

  • Hi,

    I added some svg files to my project.
    When I click on one of them, the svg file is drawn.
    However, is it possible to show its xml data ?

    Kind regards,


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    Right click on the file and do "Open with...". I have not tried this, but it should work:-)

  • I tested it using Qt Creator and it doesn't show the xml.

    Workaround : open it with Inkscape ( There you have an xml editor

  • I now open it in a external text editor but it seems to me a bit inefficient.
    So I thought there might be an internal text editor or xml-editor somewhere in QtCreator for svg files.
    But I guess I have to work further like this.

  • Hey..You are making SVG editor..?
    Actually I'm also assigned to same project..!

    Will you please help me ..??

    I'm able to display the svg file on the screen(QGraphicsView) and can save it..!

    but i dunno about other fuctionality like drawing svg line on image..etc..etc..!

    Will you please help me in that..??

    and anyway which functionality you are including in your editor..??

    Please Reply..:)

  • No, I'm not making an svg editor.
    I was looking for a way to edit svg files in QtCreator.

    My project displays fixed svg files.
    If you want to draw some lines in svg drawings, I recommend Inkscape for that.

  • ohh..thanks.!
    but actually I want to built simple app just like an Inkspace.

    In which I can draw simple svg line on svg file..!

    Thanks anyway..:)

  • For a svg editor in Qt see Carve :
    oldy but anything else ?

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