[Closed] How to edit SVG file like we do in paint and save it back in same format..?

  • I’m able to load the SVG image on the QGraphicsView, but the net step eludes me – how can I edit this like a paint application? Then how do I save it back into an SVG file?
    Like if I load svg file then can I draw simple SVG lines on it and save the new file as SVG?
    Help me please..:(

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    As mlong has responded already, you should not have duplikate postings on basically the same topic.

    You need a bit patience until someone may have an idea how to help.

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    Please, please, please stop double and triple posting your questions. It's very rude.

    Be patient. We are all volunteers here. Someone will respond with you shortly.

    In the mean time, please read "some good advice which you should take to heart.":http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html

    Closing this thread.

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