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Network selection popup

  • hello
    i want 2 ask how i could give user choice 2 connect 2 network through popup of available connection?

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    Look at QNetworkSession and its related classes.

  • i tried this
    QNetworkConfigurationManager manager;
    const bool selectIap = (manager.capabilities()& QNetworkConfigurationManager::CanStartAndStopInterfaces);
    QNetworkConfiguration defaultIap = manager.defaultConfiguration();
    if(!defaultIap.isValid() || !selectIap )
    // let the user know that there is no access point available
    QMessageBox::information(this,"Bearer","Available Access Points not found");

    QNetworkSession *session = new QNetworkSession(defaultIap,this);
    QNetworkInterface iff = session->interface();
    QMessageBox::information(this,"Network opened",iff.humanReadableName());@
    put when i close ethernet connection to test this on simulator i got MessageBox "Available Access Points not found"
    i want 2 give me popup 2 connect 2 internet what can i do?

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