I cant download new sdk

  • hi,i live in iran and when i want to download sdk1.2 i see a page "access denied"...

  • Unfortunately, the Qt SDK downloading is forbidden from Iran.
    The root of problem is the address filtering in Iran.
    Try to install some kind of Linux, and its repository you can download the Qt SDK.

  • in fact i try to install its package in my linux-mint-kde 12 and when i see cant do it i try to download it and...
    this problem is from iran government or qt-project?
    because if this problem is from filtering i should see filter page like this
    is qt SDK in boycott for iran???

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to download the Qt SDK at this time because we're not legally allowed to export to Iran under U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Sorry for the hassle. :(

    I wonder if this is a similar problem for Linux distributions or if it fails for different reasons.

  • Try TOR browser..!
    It uses onion rout..guess it'll help you.

  • [quote author="Alexandra" date="1331569058"]Qt SDK ... under U.S. Export Administration Regulations.[/quote]

    Whaaaaaaaat?????????? Qt under US regulations?????? WTF??????

  • i use tor but its speed is so down in limit 10 kilobit per second...
    but now my question is that why???
    it is again GPL
    is not???

  • i and any iranian man deal with filtering - limited speed and...
    and now US regulations added them?

  • [quote author="mehrdad" date="1331573166"]i and any iranian man deal with filtering - limited speed and...
    and now US regulations added them?

    Use a Linux distribution (for example: openSUSE 12.1 or something like this), and use its repository downloading the Qt Creator and its company. From the repository you won't be limited. Unfortunately, we can't solve any of your speed limiting...

  • i use mint-kde but it also cant solve my problem...
    and there is another problem that its qt-SDK version is not update
    but i test openSUSE...

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