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Qt Creator and Qt 5

  • After reading the supported platforms in the upcoming Qt, I noticed that Windows 7 (and above) developers have to use msvc that means Qt Creator will stop using MinGW... is it?

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    Since Qt5 development is still fairly young, I would suspect (though I'm not an expert) that whatever is holding MinGW back from being used would more than likely be worked around at some point in the future and that MSVC is simply the "happy path" for development at the moment. Looking around online I'm seeing that people are getting compiles to with with MinGW with some work.

    It's still pretty early in the game to write anything off, I'd think.

  • Dropping MinGW mean the developers have to download VC++ express (at least), Qt Creator and Qt toolkit ... this is really exhausted process (as you know Microsoft prevents VC++ redistribution).

    I was so glad when Nokia created QtSDK all-in-one distro.

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