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QT 4.8 Run Settings on Fedora 16

  • Hi, I am new to Linux and QT.
    Last weekend I setup Fedora 16 on a 64bit computer. This weekend I have installed Qt on the Linux machine. I have QT working. When, I do the following:

    1. Pick New Project
    2. Pick QT Widget Project -- Qt GUI Application (then next screen name it and pick a folder)
    3. **** Then on the next screen it says Target Setup and the only choice is Harmattan ****. I pick it to get the Next button to show. Note --> I want my testQt program to run on my am I doing something wrong here?
    4. Next page - Class Information -- I just hit Next
    5. Project Management (Add to Version control - <None>) Lists files to be added. I just hit Finish here

    I then get a Maemo Deployment Issue
    It tells me that the file listed below does not contain deployment information which means the respective targets cannot be deployed to and/or run on a device. Qt Creator will add the missing information to these files if you check the respective rows below.

    I check my testQt file and hit OK.
    It shows me 7 files that will be added (changelog, compat, control, copyright, manifest.aegis, README, rules). The first line looks like this
    /home/johh/Projects/testQt2/qtc_packaging/debian_harmattan/changelog....similar line for the other 6 files listed line above

    (from above line I am concerned about the word debian ... instead of the word Fedora) (Also, Google search seems to show Harmattan as some sort of Nokia smartphone)

    I then arrive at my program window. From here I can hit Build and my project bulds ok. I went into Design and added a Verticle Layout and a button inside that. I hit Build and it built ok again.
    However, when I hit debug-Start Debugging -- it is greyed out. I can't hit F5. Also under Projects - Run Settings -- there is a Yellow triangle with ! mark that says NO DEVICE CONFIGURATION SET.

    How do a get rid of the Harmattan device and have QT just do a Desktop application?

  • Which version of the QT library are you using? Which version of the Qt Creator are you using? Did you install them from Fedora repository?

  • I downloaded and followed the instructions from this page

    If I had downloaded from Linux....add/remove programs what would I search for?

    Thanks, John

  • I added QT Creator using the Administor Add/Remove.

    When I did I had two QT Creators in my Lauch Programs - Programming area.

    Under the second QT Creator there was another program called QT-SDK-Maintenance-tool

    It allowed me to uninstall -- which uninstalled all the programs that I setup manually.

    Then everything looked good...just one QT Creator

    However, when I now go into QT Creator and try a new Project. I get as far as the Target Setup and it now tells me that "No valid QT version is found"

    How do a either (1) Uninstall everything and start over...or (b) install a valid QT version? I have spent some time trying to find (in Add/Remove) QT version and QT SDK ... but I am getting long lists of program and nothing looks like the right thing

    Thanks, John

  • Since this was just a test machine, and I was just getting started I did the following tonight:

    1. Took my CD that I had my Fedora 16 img and did a complete re-install of the operating system.
    2. Once Fedora 16 was reinstalled, I used add/remove programs and did a search for QT-Creator. When it was found, I installed it.

    Now QT Creator for desktop is working. I did a build and run and my testProgram shows.


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