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Generate MOC files

  • Hi I have a QT project that is large and I did not write and I am trying to write a plugin.

    It uses CMake and the build process is not generating moc_foo.cxx files.

    Any one have any idea of how to do this

    I'm struggling with reading blogs that all assume you know what a macro is and where you put one.

    I'm using QtCreator but there was no pro file so its just an elaborate text editor and it does nto seem to have an features for running cmake or generating mocs or anything like that.

    Any help much appreciated

  • Have a look in this "Qt Quarterly article on Qt an CMake":/quarterly/view/using_cmake_to_build_qt_projects, this should solve pretty much of your problems.

  • I found that build was a little more complicated than that, however I was able to generate the moc_foo.cxx in my build pocess by just running.

    moc foo.h > moc_foo.h

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