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QFrame paintEvent() and StyleSheet

  • I'm trying to understand how the QStyleSheetStyle works for QFrame.
    I create a class call TestFrame
    class TestFrame : public QFrame
    explicit TestFrame( QWidget* parent = 0 )
    void paintEvent(QPaintEvent * e)
    I apply a stylesheet to the application.
    background: url(:/TestBG.png);

    If I compile this code and run it, I can get the result shown in the First Pic.
    If I comment out the line "QFrame::paintEvent(e);", then I get the result shown in the Second Pic.
    I check the implementation both of QStyleSheetStyle and QFrame, and find out that QFrame::paintEvent() only deal with the border(QFrame::StyledPanel things)

    My question is how does QFrame manager to draw its background (specified in the CSS) outside the paintEvent()?

    ! Image)!

  • Ok, I find it out myself. Qt uses QWidgetPrivate to draw the background.

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