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[solved] Symbian^3 ToolBarLayout bug

  • I used the updater yesterday to get the latest changes to the Qt sdk.
    When I test out my Symbian^3 program I seem to have lost the toolbars in my pagestack.

    environments tested :
    Windows 7 64 bit, Qt 4.7.4, Qt Creator 2.4.1 build 8cd370e163 (using 32 bit)
    I tried the same thing in Ubuntu 11.10 with Qt Creator 2.4.1 build 8cd370e163(same build) and it works fine here. On Ubuntu it’s 64bit.

    It’s easy to reproduce :
    Using Qt Creator, make a new project > Qt Quick project > Qt Quick application > Qt Quick components for Symbian. Choose for simulator .
    If you compile and run you see the statusbar without the back button.
    I changed the code in main.qml to show the toolbar (see //ADDED CODE)

    @import QtQuick 1.1
    import 1.1
    PageStackWindow {
    id: window
    initialPage: MainPage {tools: toolBarLayout}
    showStatusBar: true
    showToolBar: true
    ToolBarLayout {
    id: toolBarLayout
    visible: true //ADDED CODE
    ToolButton {
    flat: true
    iconSource: "toolbar-back"
    onClicked: window.pageStack.depth <= 1 ? Qt.quit() : window.pageStack.pop()

    This shows the button in the top of the simulator screen. So that’s where it went. Here is a screenshot :! :)!

    I’ve searched the bug tracker, but only found this kind of problems have occurred from time to time in the past, but not for the latest build. So I filed a bug report :
    "link to bug report":

    So why do I post it here too?
    Maybe someone else can test it out on windows 7 64 bit? It’s easy to do. This can help in solving the issue.

  • I have the same environment, and it works fine. Windows 7 Profesional.

  • Ok, thanks for testing and your feedback.

    I'll have to dig deeper then...

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