Deriving from QTextDocument

  • Hi
    I have a text editor application that allows the insertion of custom text objects; this works fine.
    I have a class that derives from QTextDocument but does not add any functionality (yet).
    I am setting the document for the text edit as follows

    @theDocument = new ASLTextDocument(this);

    In doing this my custom objects no longer get displayed – can anyone suggest why this might be the case?

    I am inserting the custom object as follows –
    QStringList l = action->data().toStringList();
    const QTextCharFormat customCharFormat = customObjectManager.charFormat(currentFont(),l[1]);
    QTextCursor cursor = textCursor();
    QTextCharFormat oldFormat = cursor.charFormat();

    but it appears that the custom objects ‘drawObject’ and ‘intrinsicSize’ methods are being called



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