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OSX - shared/static libs conflict

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a shared library which uses the Qt4 static library. I would like to use this library from an application that also internally uses Qt4 (dynamic). There is no problem in Win32, but in OSX there is a library conflict and my shared library can't be called from the main application becuase of 2 versions of Qt (one shared and one statically linked).

    The main app is Foundry Nuke and Qt version is 4.6.2
    My plugin (shared library) uses Qt 4.8.0

    OSX - Is there any way to use two Qt-libs (dynamic and static) in the same process? Because no problem in Win32...


  • My first guess would be to say that you can't do that on OS X.
    You should make Foundry Nuke use the newest version of Qt (4.8.0) by using otool to change its Qt dylib dependencies, or use Qt 4.6.2 in your plugin.

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