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QT IDE and debug process Windows & Linux

  • Hello
    I have started to learn QT for few weeks.
    I have worked with Windows and Linux OS.
    At first glance I consider QT Creator IDE stupid comparing with other IDEs ( IntelliJIDEA, Eclipse, Visual Studio for example).
    The main my problem is debugging process: the QT IDE is not able to show values of complex variables, structures/class, strings
    (simple strings and wide char strings).
    I wanted to bulid source code with unicode strings to see clear the strings ( I added some simple chinese strings for example) but I did not succeded yet.
    I do not have very much experience with linux but in Visual Studio 8 I can do all this in few seconds.
    This are ordinary demand for any programmer regarding a clever IDE.
    I am sure it is posible but it is more, more complicated.
    Now I do not know exactly but I read something on net and I will continue to study.

    Can someone tell me how to show values of variabiles for debug ?

    How can compile code source with wide char strings ?

    It should be somewere detailed explanations about my troubles.

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

  • Creator uses the debugger installed on your linux system and does not bring its own. We recommend using a gdb version >7.2 with enabled python support.

    That debugger does support display of complex types without any additional setup. Works-for-me(TM) ;-)

  • Hi Aliosa

    Set a break point in a logical place in you code,
    put you project in debug mode,
    Menu bar > debug > start debugging

    you can right click your variable, any variable and add it to watch,


  • Oh, you should also make sure to be using a debug build.

  • Yes Tobias I heard about that solution.

    But I have few questions.

    Shall I write python code for each class/complex structure/vector/tree
    etc. ?

    I do not know python.

    Is there another easier solution ?

    Can I solve this problem with Qt Eclipse Integration for Eclipse C++ ?

    Or with other smart IDE ?

    I remember you that all I want is to make fine debug in Windows/Linux for QT C++ project, to see clear all variabiles.

    Now, in Windows, with QT IDE (in debug process of course) , I can not see wide char strings properly (utf16 strings)- just numbers for each char.

  • You should see the Qt data types as well as the most important STL types, etc. in "pretty printing". You will get the normal debugger output for everything else.

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