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Basic Widgets Functionality Questions

  • Hello,

    I am new to Qt (just downloaded it today), and have zero experience with GUI development (all my programming experience is writing native C++ and build the console versions with gcc). So I apologize for the noob questions.

    I am struggling with QT widgets functionality, basically building the GUI with designer is easy, but I can't figure out how to use them.

    let's say we have the very trivial following program in native C++

    @int main ()
    int a = 3, b = 6;
    int c = a * b;
    return 0;

    So i created a GUI with 2 spinBoxes, one lineEdit and one button. One spin box to input int a, the other to input int b. The button to execute the multiplication, and the lineEdit to display the product (int c).

    However I can't figure out the syntax, nor the steps involved. Any help would be great. Thanks

  • welcome to devnet

    Have you seen already "the example page?":
    Also there are plenty of "tutorials": around.

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