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Simple Ubuntu question...

  • I have an Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS with upgrades), with a laptop.
    When I use my laptop only with battery, my machine (processor!) run only in one-third megahertz.
    I'd like to run my op.sys. with max performance in all situations.
    How (where?) can I set my Ubuntu that can I get the maximum "horsepower"?
    (The "The Official Ubuntu Book 5th" helps nothing...)

    [Moved to the lounge, as this isn't directly Qt-related. -mlong]

  • I'd think you will be better off asking an Ubuntu forum or list?

  • [quote author="Andre" date="1331050999"]I'd think you will be better off asking an Ubuntu forum or list?[/quote]

    Yes, you are right, but I participate only this forum :)
    I've read that some people, who are in this forum, use Ubuntu and I've thought they can help me a bit.

  • Most likely, what you are looking for is the "power management" section of your "system administration panel". Search the main menu for the control panel and look for the "power management" or "ACPI": section. Depending on your DM (Gnome, KDE, etc.) you will find it in a different place and with a different set of switches.

    I think it can be configured from the shell, as well, but I cannot tell you how. Ask the Ubuntu forum.

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