Creator 2.1 beta 1 mingw32-make.exe

  • Hey guy I'm using the 2.1 beta and I observer that something causes some serious issues during the compiling process.

    It takes quite a lot of time to compile some changes. I noticed that the mingw32-make.exe is called several times
    sometimes up to a 100 times. This is jamming my hole system and the compiling process needs a lot of time.

    Is there any know bug in the beta that could cause problems like that or is the cause somthing else.

    I never had this kind of problem before so I'm a bit confused about this.

    thanks for reply

  • This is normal for make to be called several times. As time goes more plugins get added to Qt Creator, as a result more code to compile. Have you succeeded in compiling Qt Creator in the end? If not, what errors did you get? And how much time did it take?

  • Hi lyuts,

    I don't have the problem on compiling Creator itself but compiling my own projects.

    The project takes around 10 - 15 seconds to compile on my quad core opensuse, sometime only
    2 seconds.
    On my dual core Win7 it takes 5 - 7 minutes the first 3 minutes all I get is that mingw32-make appears
    up to 50 times in the tasks manager, that never happend before.
    On my old single core win7 this doesn't happen but it takes to long to compile.

    I istalled a linux mint on my dual core machine and it runs fine, so I gues that the mingw package
    could cause the problem.

  • Yes, that is definitely weird. So is this happening all the time even for clean builds?

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