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TextEdit and Resizing

  • Now I am new to Qt and slowly learning the ropes but just curious, I am wanting to put 2 TextEdit controls next to either other. One is for static text and the other one that users can type in.

    So TextEditA = not editable (but can copy from) anchored to the left, top, right of screen.
    TextEditB = editable, anchored to the bottom of TextEditA, left, right and bottom of screen, be potentially 2 characters high.

    Would be also able to resize the TextEditA by window size as well as a separator between A and B.

    I am assuming this can be done... though I am nto sure where to look. Was thinking perhaps "frames"? and placing each control into a separate frame?

    Any pointers appreciated!

  • Oh, what I want is a Splitter :)

  • What do you have problems with?

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