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Where is Qt Designer?

  • I downloaded the latest Qt SDK 1.2 offline installer for my Windows XP desktop computer, and it seems to work ok. I can compile, build, and run the demo programs in QtCreator. However, it did not install Qt Designer. I can't find any references to Designer in the current Qt documentation, but that's a program I used at the previous company I worked for.

    My Qt SDK install did get one error message, which I had to ignore: "Error during installation process ( Execution failed(Unexpected exit code: -2147418112): “C:\QtSDK\Madde\usbdriver\DPInst.exe /SE /SA /SW”

    This didn't seem to cause any problems for the QtCreator installation.

  • Qt Designer is not installed by default with QtSDK.
    You need to select custom and choose Qt Designer.

    Otherwise, is located in: [your QtSDK path]\QtCreator\bin\designer.exe.

    Note: Designer interface is also built in in QtCreator.

  • Oh, thanks. I've always run designer as a separate program, so if it was in the Qt Creator SDK I never noticed it. I just brought up Creator, started a new project, clicked on mainwindow.ui, and it went to Design. It seems to be working fine. Thanks.

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