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Added a new compiler to my system...

  • ...and one of my two projects allows me to select it as a tool chain (in Projects), and the other one of my projects does not.

    What might cause this? Both are C++ projects that build successfully with the supplied MinGW.

    A little more information: in Build Settings -> Manage (Tool chain) I add the identical path to both projects. But upon exiting the Manage window, project M allows me to choose my Tool Chain, and project SG does not. Both projects are using the same version of Qt, and are using equivalent build configurations (debug/release).

    A customer reported today a similar event; he moved a Qt project over to another machine, but that machine doesn't want to let him use MinGW. It instead is selecting a VS compiler for him.

    What's the trick to how this works?


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    Please hover the Qt version in question and check the ABI in the tool tip. Make sure it matches the ABI set/detected on your compiler. If both match, then the tool chain should be available when building with that Qt version.

  • Thanks, Tobias -

    My issue seems to have self corrected since my original post. But the customer may well be having the same problem, so I'd better pursue this a little more. What does it mean if the ABIs don't match? It seems kind of weird that the MinGW supplied with Qt wouldn't work, too, but that's what the customer claims to have experienced.

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    Depends... If your customer is using a Qt built with MSVC then it would not be surprising that he could not select a Mingw compiler. Hard to say whether or not there is an issue with some more information.

  • I'm 99% sure he just downloaded the Windows binary. I'll double check today.

    I wonder if it had something to do with the name of the directory he installed it in...I sort of remember something about MinGW not liking directories with spaces in their names.

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