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GridView - Arrangement of Elements

  • I need to create a GridView , with 2 rows and 4 columns. I want to insert the elements into the grid row after row, and also to enable scrolling of the grid from left to right.
    This is what I tried:
    id: myGrid

            width: 800
            height: 400
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            model: .....
            delegate: .....
            cellWidth: 200
            flow: GridView.TopToBottom
            highlightFollowsCurrentItem: true
            preferredHighlightBegin: 0
            preferredHighlightEnd: cellWidth
            highlightRangeMode : GridView.StrictlyEnforceRange
            interactive: (count > 8)


    This code allows scrolling horizontaly, and don't allows arrangement of the elements row after row , but column after column.

    any idea?

  • You're basically after the unconsidered "lay out from left to right, but also scroll that way".
    What you might have to do is place the GridView on a Flickable.

    @Item {
    id: something
    height: 400
    width: 400

    Flickable {
      anchors.fill: parent
      contentHeight: myGrid.height
      contentWidth: myGrid.width
      GridView {
          id: myGrid
          width: 200 * Math.ceil(count/2)
          height: 400
          model: 8
          delegate: Rectangle { height: 200; width: 200; border.color: "black"
              Text { anchors.centerIn: parent; text: model.index }
          cellWidth: 200
          interactive: false


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