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QListView inside QTreeWidget

  • Hello,

    I was just wondering if it is possible to place QListView (or QListWidget) inside QTreeWidget. By "inside" I mean structure like this:




    | 1 2 3 4 |
    | 5 6 7 8 |


    Where item_1st_Level, item_2nd_Level, item_3rd_Level are regular QTreeWidgetItem and numbers 1 2 ... 8 represent QListView which has ViewMode set as IconMode.

    Do You have any ideas how to it?
    I was thinking about subclassing QTreeWidgetItem but I don't know how to place QListView inside it.

  • Did you look into using QTitanDataGrid? Qt's own item view stuff is really not suitable for this. You might get it to work with a lot of hacks and coding, but it is not going to be pretty. In fact, I think it will be a nightmare to maintain.

  • Thanks Andre for Your help. I will have a look at it, but at the moment I changed idea of solving this problem.

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