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Displaying a sequense of images

  • Hi!

    So i just started playing around with Qt and i've managed to do some interesting things so far =)
    But i'm stuck on a problem(due to my lack of knowlage). What i'm looking for is some tips/tutorial on how to display a sequense of images(with some time delay between each image) to make it look like a short movie. I've experimented abit with graphicsview and i've been able to display an image. I know the graphicsview is supposed to support .gif and .mng, but i've had some difficulties getting them working due to librarys(i think).
    I plan on making some simple test, like case A -> loop image sequense A and case B -> loop image sequense B. What would be the easiest way of doing this? There are so many different functions/librarys in Qt that i feel lost. Any tips would be get me on the track would be greatly appritiated!


  • Welcome to the forum..

    IMHO, using a QLabel is a lot more easier, If it is just a slide show. With the use of QImageReader ,you can adjust the parameters of the image(s). You can use QTimer for timely actions..

    For to play video , you may go through phonon, the multimedia architecture.

  • Well, I think that QGraphicsView is not a bad choice, depending on your needs of course. If you want things like effects to fade between images or animations to transition from one image to the next, it is a great place to start, and you can use the animation framework for the timing of the the whole thing.

    Also, QML comes to mind for applications like this. It is really easy to do this kind of thing, and there are some great examples about.

  • I think i'll take a look at Qlabel + QImageReader, if its the easier one it might help me to understand the graphicsview better after.

    About the graphicsview, effects like fade would indeed be nice to have. But the animation framework, how am i supposed to use it in the way i described in my first post? This might be alot to ask, but how would i go about to create a list of images, rendered at an x time interval and then loaded onto the acctual scene? I see some interesting posibiltys, QTimeline, QSequentialAnimationGroup, looks like they could do it, but as i just said dont know how. I'm fairly new at programming, especially c++, done some C in on MCU:s in before.

    I'm running qt 4.63 on an embedded device, i dont think i have the support to run any QML with it.

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