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Old code in Qt 3.3

  • Hello-

    I've been looking at some old code, and from what I can tell it was done with Qt 3.3. I have read that the uic3 (with convert option) command can convert files, but when I try that, it doesn't convert the files over, it gives me an error.

    From what I am reading Qt 3.3 is not open source, and I need a license to use it. Is this corrector? or are there easier ways to look at this old code?


  • There is a porting tool, named qt3to4 that does a good job of converting Qt 3 sources to Qt 4 sources. You will have to do some handwork, though.

    If I remember correctly, Qt 3.3.x was released under GPL, so if your software is GPL too, this shouldn't be a problem.

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