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Javascript, main QML and ListModel in another file

  • to update the ListModel from javascript i would usually do this: listmodelid.append({data}) but what if the ListModel, Component and ListView is in separete qml file called List.gml and is injected into main qml as a List { id: mylist } i was trying through mylist.listmodelid.append({data}), mylist.children.append({data})... but nothing works, lemme know if you know how to do this

  • maybe im at the wrong path, im trying to make my main qml more readable I have three similar listviews and wondering if and how to share one Component between each other, lets say Component is another file Component.qml

  • I suggest you have the ListModel, Component and ListView in three different .qml files. That way you can, for example, create an instance of your custom ListModel as MyListModel { id: listModel } and then call listModel.append({data}).

    Trying to access a child item of another component (like mylist.listmodelid) won't work unless you create a property in that component that references that child - for example, adding something like "property alias listmodelid : listmodelid" to the root object of that component. However it would be much better to just place the different types in three separate files so you can create those objects individually.

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