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Using Latest Qt SDK on Ubuntu 10.04

  • I want to use SDK 1.2 with my Ubuntu 10.04, while it works using the Linux installer. It doesn't install Qt4.8, mobility and other libraries in Ubuntu folders so that I could compile my projects from command line. It would also be reallyn nice if it showed up in the applications menu and dpkg would know about it. Repository seems to posses 1.3.1 version of SDK with Qt 4.6.x version. Is there some external repository with latest build or can I find all of the source code for Qt SDK 1.2 somewhere?

  • Have you check here ?

  • Yeah. I've used both online and offline installers for Linux. but it seems to install them in whatever folder you want. All of the files. So I'm just wondering does it actually install latest Qt libraries for Ubuntu as well?

    And there is not source code for SDK there, only for Qt 4.8 and I want the whole package, not everything separately.

  • I don't understand what's is your problem. I download and install the qt sdk 1.2. All works well. After you can select what package you want, qt4.8 mobility source code ecc. The source of qt sdk is here

  • I am not sure I understand correctly, are you trying to use the Creator packages from your Linux distribution? The usual way is to download the SDK installer and run it. It will not install all Qt versions and packages, though. Use the SDK maintenance tool that comes with it to install other Qt versions et cetera.

  • Using the installer works fine. But does it install them for ubuntu as well so that I can use Qt libraries separately from Qt Creator if need be?

  • It doesn't seem to install any files into Ubuntu, there are no Qt Creator app icons in Ubuntu menu, it's like it is a standalone package. You have to find the binaries in the folder where it install Qt. So the question is, can I build my projects using qmake from command line just the same as from Qt Creator?

  • Don't install Qt from the Ubuntu market or using "sudo apt get", download the offline installer and run it. You might have to right click on the file to actually enable running it from the GUI, otherwise you have to run it from terminal. Instructions on how to do it are on the page that launches the download.

    The SDK might request you to install a c++ compiler first, easy to do from terminal by typing:

    @sudo apt-get install g++@

    What I noticed the SDK does not install shortcuts in the... whatever the start menu equivalent of Ubuntu was called, so you will have to find the binary in the directory where the SDK installed, launch it and simply pin it to the... launch bar or whatever they decided to call it.

    Naturally you can build from terminal, but Creator's build and run buttons work just fine for me in Ubuntu.

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    ukas: Of course you can build your application from the command line. You will need to run the correct qmake (the one of the Qt version you want to use, not necessarily the one in the PATH) and might also need to set up the environment of your shell. Check Projects mode in Qt Creator: It lists its environment there.

  • Okay, so I need to set up my PATH. Thanks!

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    You might need to do more than just setting up PATH properly. But having PATH right should get you mostly there.

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