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QScript privacy concerns

  • Hi: Does anyone have suggestions about how I might implement javascript code reflection in QScript? What I mean by "code reflection"
    is, before executing a QScript script, to create a C++ object which can be graphically displayed in a Widget with information about the script, and options to block or fine-tune parts of the script while it runs. Information could include the URLs and domain hosts for different scripts included in a page, JavaScript methods which are called (so as to block XMLHttpRequest, for example, or at least inspect the request and its destination), and a flag to indicate whether a particular function (or block of code) is merely "presentational"--for example, using CSS to achieve a mouseover effect--or does something more, and whether that "something more" involves personal information. If this kind of diagnosis can be presented to users effectively, that might be a selling point for QScript as a JavaScript implementation and, by extension, Qt-based web browsers. The fact that QScript uniquely supports the signal/slot mechanism suggests that this mechanism maybe can be harnessed to provide this kind of information also; for example, is it possible to instruct QScript to emit a signal when some particular function is about to run (like a Signal/Slot based AOP paradigm?). Thanks.

  • You seem to be getting confused between the embedded QtScript which is a javascript interpreter embedded in your Qt application for writing extensions etc. and the javascript interpreter used in QtWebkit. Whilst these may be using the same underlying interpreter code, they are not the same thing. To do what you want, you need to integrate tightly with the javascript implementation being used by your web browser, which will basically mean working on the webkit code directly, not simply using the QWebView etc. APIs and the javascript bridge code.

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