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Why is my desktop app running in the Simulator?

  • Hello,
    I have built an application using QT Creator on Ubuntu, and it works fine for me. When a co-worker checks it out of SVN and runs it (after running qmake, then make), it is launched inside the Nokia phone simulator. What's going on here? I'm assuming that there is some qmake argument that needs to be set, but what is it?


  • No argument needed.
    He can change the way how to run the app, by clicking the icon above play ( the green arrow that starts the app).
    Otherwise, he can add build target (again in the sidebar) in the project view.
    Only press + and add desktop build if not already listed.
    As I know, this settings are listed in user file. So if it's not updated, there might become differences like yours.

    Hope it helps.

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    And remember, the .user files should never be shared, as they contain information specific to one particular Creator installation and configuration.

  • remove .user file from repo - will do.

    Can the build target be changed from the command line? co-worker is not use Creator.

  • qmake.exe [PROJECT PATH] -r -spec win32-g++ "CONFIG+=release" // Windows Compile

    Which IDE is using your co-worker?
    It's so much easier to press 3 buttons to change a target, than typing in a command line ;)

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