[Trying other solutions]XMLHttpRequest

  • I want to login on a website and I need to make an XMLHttpRequest (post).The form looks like this:
    @<form action="index.php?action=login&server_list=1" method="post" id="login_form" >
    <label for="user">
    <strong >Nume de utilizator:</strong>
    <span >
    <input id="user" name="user" class="text" type="text" value=""
    onkeydown="if((e=window.event||event) && e.keyCode == 13) $('#login_form').trigger('submit');"/>
    <label for="password">
    <strong >Parola:</strong>
    <span >
    <input name="clear" type="hidden" value="true" />
    <input id="password" name="password" class="text" type="password"
    onkeydown="if((e=window.event||event) && e.keyCode == 13) $('#login_form').trigger('submit');"/>

    <div id="js_login_button">
    <a href="#" class="login_button">
    <span class="button_left"></span>
    <span class="button_middle">Login</span>
    <span class="button_right"></span>

            <br style="clear:both;"/>
            <label for="cookie" >
                &lt;input id="cookie" type="checkbox" name="cookie" value="true"  /&gt;
     Login permanent
            <p><a href="http://www.triburile.ro/lost_pw.php">Parola uitată/modificare</a></p>

    On XMLHttpRequest I only found "this":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/declarative-xml-xmlhttprequest.html .Some more documentation on XMLHttpRequest would be of great help.

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