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Qt mobilty -connectivity

  • Hi,

    I have formated my disk and now try reinstall qt. Before format qt mobility works well, now qt mobility-connectivity works only with simulator:/ I would like to be able to use mobility with desktop. I can't remember how did I install qt previously. of corse i include these line:
    @CONFIG += mobility
    MOBILITY = connectivity@

    maybe I should do smth with LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I really can't figure out how i did it last time:/

    please help.

  • If you install all Qt stuff from Qt SDK, there is no Qt Mobility build for Desktop by default. There is a workaround if you using MinGW on Desktop, that's, you can simply copy the /import dir and related lib/dll from Simulator to Desktop's "import" dir and lib dir.

    The common way is build Qt Mobility for Desktop by yourself again:-)

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