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Qt3D installation

  • Hi all,

    I have build a custom Qt 4.8 and using this build I have build Qt3D from the Git repo.
    As it is written in the doc there is no "make install" step, everything is copied during the "make".
    But I have the following trouble using Qt3D:

    • qmake complains that qt3d and qt3dquick modules do not exist even if the corresponding prf are in the mkspecs/features folder.
    • the QML editor does not found the Qt3D Elements (example: Viewport, Camera, ...) despite it is able to import the Qt3D and Qt3D.Shapes and the application runs well.

    I am using a Linux x86_64.

    Any ideas?



  • Regarding the QML editor issue, you can try to set the QML_IMPORT_PATH variable in your .pro file, worth giving a try...


  • Thanks Billouparis. Unfortunately it didn't help. The import path is already correct.

    Additional information: I have the same problem on Mac OS X.


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