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Implementing an existing development into Qt

  • Hello,
    I developed a stock-trading program on Visual Studio 6.0 in C++.

    This implementation needs to be upgraded to a modern improvable environment. What I did read about Qt seems to cover the following requirements. For I am new with Qt I need some answers from the forum:

    1. I am looking for a template of an GUI that covers following topics:
    • Desktop based implementation on MS Windows

    • Tabular outputs in dialogs

    • Graphical outputs: equity curves, curves of indicators, candlestick

    • Mulit-processing

    • Core4 Code optimization

    • MS Access Database interface

    • Easy to design modern looking dialogs

    1. I found the Qt-developed-implementation “qtstalker-0.36” that’s covers a lot of my requirements.

      Is it possible to use this as a template to be redesigned ?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

  • Did you try to contact the author of that application?

  • Not yet. But I will do so.

    Nevertheless, I am looking for other templates in Qt, generally. Can one recommend something . How is it possible to search for the listed requirements above in Qt?

  • Visual C++ (MFC) is a very very different thing from Qt(widget/quick)/C++.
    If you develop under Windows and your program will run only in Windows, I suggest you that you stay at Visual C++ (i.e.: VC++ 2010). Maybe you can use Windows Forms too (instead of MFC). But in the upcoming VC++ (2012 in mid summer) the MFC will be object oriented (probably you know that MFC originally wasn't object oriented...).

    If you would like to run your app in different platform you can use Qt. Qt of course knows everything what you have listed above. MS Acces is not a problem with Qt, because Qt knows ODBC. The new Qt (version 5.) will be based on QML/Quick technology which is different from Qt/Qwidget technology. It is worth to learn both of them.

  • Note that although QML will get a bigger and bigger role, Widgets are not going anywhere. There are other discussions on this forum on the future of Qt though, so let's not get too deeply into that here.

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