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Logging library for Qt

  • I am quite new to Qt and I am looking for a logging library.

    Something that would have several priorities to be enabled, disabled (errors, warnings, infos), could print to console or file and ideally have a set of macros that would automagically add classname and method name to the log file.

    I tried googling around, managed to find mentions of Log4Qt and QxtLogger, but somehow not much activity around them and surprising amount of messages on just using qInstallMsgHandler() and creating a custom logger just for yourself.

    What would be a supported logging library to study closer?
    Or is everybody really creating his own logger and that's it?

  • Why do you need any logging libraries? Qt has great and simple logging possibilities...

    Using qDebug(), qWarning() & qCritical() with implemented MsgHandler function can do everything what you need and it's done in 5 minutes...

  • QxtLogger works just fine. There is also work going on in Qt itself to make more detailed logging possible, but that will be for Qt5.

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